Efficient data management.

Turn your ideas into real applications, entirely visually.


Create views and associate differente field types to build your application


Create collaboration roles, associate them with your views and work as a team


Relate views to create truly amazing applications

We have developed the most flexible platform for your data


They allow to structure the information through columns with a specific data type.

+15 Field Types

Different field types to use in your views: from text to dates, attachments, currency, relationships and much more.

Smart links

Relate your views through their columns and keep the information updated instantly. Save time and say goodbye to duplicate data.


Design adapted to mobile devices. Access from any device through a web browser.

Revision History

The Revision History allows you to review and restore records that have been deleted over time.

Email alerts

Configure notices associated with date-type fields and receive alerts for expired records

Import data

Import data from Excel directly to your views with a single click.

Export data

Export the data of your views to Excel, PDF or CSV with a single click.

Secure by default (HTTPS)

Your connection with our server is secure and encrypted. Your data always stays safe and private.


Effectively share data across your distributed team members.

Who is it for?


If you need to build custom applications for your clients fastly


If you need to demonstrate your idea before launching


If you need to keep a product and inventory management


For enterprise clients with special requirements

Used by professionals in